Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Barrydale - Ladismith

This morning we woke up at 3am and hopped on the bus (which instantly turned into a hostel of sleeping girls) back to Barrydale. The girls began to cycle at 4:45am finishing off in Ladismith at 11:20am. Today the girls needed to layer on extra clothes to keep the chilly wind off but the day soon warmed up. Breakfast consisted of dried fruit, cereal and ice cream (which was strapped to the trailer to keep it cool - yum)! At the end of a hot day, we stopped off at Steers for some soft-serve.

The route today was tiring, consisting mainly of uphill stretches. But the tiredness was forgotten as the steady uphills rewarded us with spectacular views - no doubt the best so far!

Compared to previous afternoons, the girls were full of energy - our body clocks are gradually adjusting to the Cycle Tour schedule.

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