Thursday, 31 March 2016

Jeffreys Bay - Port Alfred (ahead of schedule!)

Today was the earliest we've woken up this tour - 12.15am. Leaving Jeffreys Bay we set off aiming for Alexandria, half way, at 117km cycling distance.

Mid-morning the girls opted for a caffeine kick, gulping down some 'juice' to 'give them wings' to fly up the hills.

The girls pushed hard and reached the HALF-WAY mark of the tour a momentous 1115km cycled - very exciting.

With this boost, they firmly decided that today was the day they would break the previous cycle record of kms cycled per day - previously 152km. And THEY DID IT! The girls cycled an amazing 167km today smashing the previous record by 15km and cycling for well over 12 hours. What an achievement!

This could not have been accomplished without our trusty driver, Ms Willows, who used any breaks to have a quick power nap. She has stayed focused the whole tour and is definitely a beat-building DJ, keeping the girls pumped.

We also had a surprise visit in Port Alfred from retired TWC Librarian, Mrs Pattenden, who now lives locally!

Although tired and slightly sunburned, the girls are still smiling and laughing. The TWC family is extremely proud of them, I am sure. Tonight we look forward to being hosted by Port Alfred High School where I am sure we will all sleep soundly.
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