Sunday, 27 March 2016

Knysna - The Crags

There was a slight delay for the start yesterday morning in Knysna due to heavy rain. As soon as it calmed down, we were on the move, cycling fast to accumulate as much body heat as possible.

We finished at The Crags garage at 5.30am so all snuggled in the bus until just after 6 when we could check into our caravans for the next two nights - a unique experience so far.

Later in the morning, Mr Willows and a few girls (who had the energy) headed into Plett for the morning to watch a sea canoe race and soak up some golden rays.

During the afternoon the Lawson's stopped over for a visit, bringing us each a wonderful surprise 'goodie bag' with chocolates, hot chocolate and cappuccino sachets, etc - YUM.

Just before the sun set Mr Willows received a much anticipated call from the Easter bunny - while hunting for the eggs the girls were instantly transformed into 8-year olds again!

The day finished off with a lovely meal of chicken casserole with rice, salad and a new group favourite, pumpkin fritters, for dinner, and it was off to bed with full stomachs.
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