Monday, 21 March 2016

Montagu - Barrydale

We had an hour's sleep-in today and only had to wake up at 2am - what a treat! Leaving Montagu at 2.45 am the girls completed a 62km cycle to Barrydale.

It was an interesting ride with pouring rain at one point adding difficulty for the girls but they persevered through the cold and rain - still smiling!

'Funky Town' played for most of the ride and the cyclists had fun choreographing skillful hand movements.
We arrived at Barrydale at 7.00am and a short 20 minutes later had the trailer loaded and were heading back to Montagu for a shower and rest.

We had fun making delicious egg and bacon rolls for lunch with a production line of girls.

Later in the afternoon, we headed to the natural hot springs and soaked sore muscles in the warmth of the springs.

Quotes of the day:
"My butt is sore" - Tess
"I am the lady of all grating cheese" - Sophie
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