Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Crags (Plettenberg Bay) to Bloukrans River Bridge

Day 10 - finally hit double digits!

We began cycling at 3am finishing off at round 9am and doing a total of 108km. During the cycle, wind turbines canvassed the countryside, sticking out from the soft natural bush.

At the end of the cycle we headed straight for Bloukrans River bridge BUNGEE where three brave souls - Tess, Andrea and Gemma took the 216m bungee jump off the bridge. The rest of us took the 200m walk through a tunnel underneath the bridge to the platform to support them. This took Savannah and me about 15 minutes to cross - heights are not really our thing! But luckily Ms Willows was a pro at distracting us.

Adrenaline pulsed through the girls both before and after the jump. They couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the afternoon and continued to say that they can't wait to do it again! An exhilarating experience they will never forget.

After the jumps, we had a delicious lunch of burgers and wraps at the restaurant with the BIGGEST milkshakes which Mr and Mrs McIntyre kindly bought for us.

We headed back to our caravans for a much needed nap and then dinner and bed again. We never seem able to get enough sleep!
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