Sunday, 3 April 2016

Arrived in East London

We set off at 4:34am, starting with a steep hill to warm to girls up. The sky was canvased with clusters of stars, making it the most starry sky of the trip so far. 

The sun rise was a true picturesque moment falling perfectly in front a hill the girls were climbing, outlining the cyclists beautifully - and making for photographs everyone with treasure.

Yesterday's journey was full of gradual uphills with not many downhills but the girls continued to do their best! 


We were greeted by a very friendly man when we arrived at Clarendon School at 10:11am, who instantly made us all feel welcome. The squash courts at the school were to be our home for the night. The swimming pool was open so the girls took a quick dip and then wrapped up in their sleeping bags for an afternoon siesta. At 3:30pm we tracked down the nearest Virgin Active gym to order Kauai -  a delicious boost of vitamins. 

We then set off to the mall to re-stock on groceries and dinner - Woolworths ready made meals. 

Then is was off to bed at 8pm to be ready for an early wake up at 1am. 

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