Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Boston to TWC - HOME TIME!

After 24 days of hard cycling and completing over 2200kms, the girls have made it! 
2200 kms
22 days
11 cyclists
2 crew

We woke up at 3:00am eager to start the day. Our last cycling day officially began at 4:30am. With music blasting and hearts racing, we set of on our last day of riding. This was an emotional start, the girls knowing that they'll never have this again. Our smart kit, unified us to be the family we are.

The day was a blur. With anticipation and anxiousness filling our bodies we lost track of time. We had many long breaks because Mr willows had to stick to his very precise schedule - with all these breaks we could have had another 1hr sleep in, at least! 

Our first surprise was by our incredible grade. They lined the Rotunda off ramp, cheering as the cyclists climbed the hill, this put tears in our eyes. It blew my mind know that we have had this monstrous support! 

We continued through to Cowan House where we were greeted with a more support, the pupils cheering us on as the girls peddled down to the bottom field where cheerful music was playing and refreshments were set up for us. Mr Willows told our story and the headmaster congratulated us. We couldn't stay very long as Mr Willows had his schedule to stick to. 

The final hill to conquer- Villiers Drive from Zwartkop Road up to school. This had been the dreaded hill on every practice ride but the girls bolted up it in 7 minutes. This proving to them how much stronger they had become, managing the hill with no problems. 

We then took a breather just outside the school waiting for the much anticipated phone call from Mrs Harries to give us the go to enter the school. While waiting we remixed and sang songs and drenched ourselves in deodorant. We sat and reflected on this life-changing journey and the strong bonds we've formed with each other. I've got to know some truly wonderful girls who I'm honoured to now call my friends. You ladies have been the best. Always smiling and never failing to make me laugh. Thank you for everything. I've felt like a valued team member and extremely appreciated by you all.  Your support has meant the world and you all hold a very special place in my heart and my memories! 

At 11:30am sharp the girls hopped into their bikes for the very last time and proceeded into school. The charisma and screaming support overwhelmed each one of us - we didn't expect such an amazing welcome - every pupil was there, from the smallest to the tallest. 
We can't thank you all enough for your generous support - we couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you parents for the endless support, both for your own daughter and the other girls. You never failed to show how proud you are of us all. You all spoilt us, whether with rusks, hot chocolate, biltong or a warm motherly hug! 

Thank you to all the academic staff for understanding us and all the support.
Ms Tasker, Mrs Harries, Mrs Aldum, the TWC Management team, thank you for all you effort and time put into this. For all the organisation and precise planning from beginning to end! 

The biggest thank you to Mr Willows. We girls can't express what you have done for us. You've opened doors and taught us about hard work and determination. You never gave up on us, always full of encouragement and support. Mr Wills, the Dream Team loves you! 

Andrea Tratschler: 
I just thought it was an absolute life changing experience! It really made me grow physically as well as emotionally and I really enjoyed it as a whole x 

Jodie Alport: 
I felt absolutely honoured to be apart of the team and to have done such a mind-blowing adventure such as this one. It was a great privilege and it has taught me many lessons that I can put to good use in the future. It's something I will remember for the rest of my life, and the girls in the team are now nothing less than family to me. Thank you to everyone for making this tour an indescribable and unforgettable experience 💛

Gemma Lawson: 
This tour has been a life-changing experience and I have learnt that I am capable of much more then I think I am, if I put my mind to it. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone better and it would not have been the trip it was without any of you. Thank you so much for the best month and I'll see you all tomorrow 💕

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