Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cala to Maclear

We only had to wake up at 5.00am this morning due to very cold conditions. We left Queenstown at 5:45 to travel for an hour to begin cycling to Maclear. Cycling officially began at 7:30 with the temperature at 10 degrees.

The girls froze slightly but with every hill they then warmed up. The sun was always hidden away between the clouds so there was no harsh sunlight – perfect riding conditions.

Their bright coloured windbreakers added luminous blotches of colour to the countryside - we really are a ‘rainbow nation’ (with a pot of gold, Savannah, at the end!). The girls wore their windbreakers all day.

It seemed a longer day today as the riding was all done in daylight with the girls begin able to see the tiny road head winding over the hills. At our final snack break Miss Willows and I handed out surprise goodie bags which included a few sweet treats to give the girls a sugar boost to complete the ride – much appreciated.

We eventually arrived at Maclear High School at 4:30pm. The girls dashed to the showers to soak up some hot steam and Mr and Miss Willows and I headed to the KFC to get supplies to feed the ravenous girls. We ate like kings – two burgers, chips and Coke.  Snuggled up tightly in our sleeping bags with multiple layers on to keep warm, everyone went to bed with full stomachs. We are all looking forward to a long rest as tomorrow will also be a late morning.
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