Saturday, 9 April 2016

Cedarville to Swartberg (+ more pics loaded at 12:00)

Sadly we had to leave the Alport's home this morning. We didn't leave empty handed though and our boxes were loaded with fruit, biltong, yogurts and chocolates - a big THANK YOU! 

At the start of today, the mist engulfed the mountains and sank deep into the valleys. The sun rise in combination with this created a magical feel. The girls disappeared and reappeared through each valley and up each hill. The mist lingered long into the morning creating cooler riding conditions. As soon as it had lifted, the sun shone bright on one of the hottest days we've had. The Tully's met up with us along the way bringing chocolate milk, muffins and fruit juice - a refreshing snack.


For breakfast we enjoyed delicious pizza which Debonairs generously sponsored. I think this was a top favorite breakfast - thank you very much Debonairs Matat! 

Day 22 was finally the day I hopped onto a bicycle and cycled 5km. These mere kilometers compared to the girls outstanding mileage was nothing but wow - I felt it, every leg muscle working... My respect and admiration for them has quadrupled.

We arrived in Swartberg at 11:20am, loaded the bikes and headed back to Kokstad where we spent the night at St Patrick's School. We had a delicious chicken and rice dish prepared by the school then for dessert the Tratschler family treated us to milkshakes, waffles and puddings - a sweet way to end off the day.

Today was full of parents' support. A huge thank you goes out to all of them. Every member of the team  really appreciates it.
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