Sunday, 3 April 2016

East London - Stutterheim

This morning was the last glimpse of sea as we headed inland today. The girls took a sharp 90 degree turn saying goodbye to the sea. 
The day started off with a magical sunrise painting the sky with oranges and reds.
Driving through the countryside we admired a variety of antelope galloping through the grass. Cows stared at us, confused at the blasting music.

The girls were on the road for a total of 7hrs30min, starting at 1:40am and arriving in Stutterheim at 9am. The girls having cycled a total of  79km. Just outside Stutterheim we loaded up the bikes and drove on a dirt road to our lodging, "Forestway". We slept for the remainder of the morning then watched a movie for some relaxation.

Rich aromas drifted from the kitchen making our mouths water and we couldn't wait for dinner. 
Hot brisket, potatoes, carrots, beans and fluffy rice satisfied our stomachs. We were spoilt with warm chocolate cake topped with a dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Packed and kit ready for the next early morning, we went to bed with full tummies. 
Blogging by Isabella

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