Friday, 1 April 2016

Port Alfred + 62km

We left Port Alfred at 3:20am traveling a total of 62km, Kate Brodie saying, "You could hear the waves crashing onto the beach while we were cycling. Also there was a light house light flashing up on a hill."

Who needs music when you have such a soothing soundtrack from the sea, which is right next to the road. Something I'm sure the girls will miss, as tomorrow we gradually start heading inland. 

After the cycling we loaded up the bikes and drove back to Port Alfred. We all dived into our sleeping bags for a much needed 3 hours sleep. Rejuvenated and refreshed we headed for the beach. Although it was windy and chilly some of the girls had a quick dip in the water - brave souls. 

Mr Willows sports a new look posing for the camera, looking more like a pilot then a cyclist. This made us all giggle. 
We then headed to a local beach restaurant for pizzas. Each of us ordering a 12' which left some extra which will be used as 'padkos' for tomorrow- yum! It was bed at 8pm to be ready for another early morning tomorrow.

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