Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Queenstown to Cala

Today 3:30am was wake up time! We left Queenstown at 4:00am aiming for Cala.  The road instantly turned bad, with a thin layer of tar scattered with some potholes. The yellow line completely disappeared. The girls felt famous when we drove through rural settlements as all the school children waved vigorously with huge smiles. They even whipped out their phones snapping a few pics. 

While cycling we saw goats up on a mountain and donkeys with fluffy babies. We always seemed to miss the rain (much to the relief of the girls) by a whisker as the ground we were cycling on was always wet. 

To distract the girls going up a long hill, I hopped on the back of the trailer to chat to them, reading out our grade and parent messages for encouragement. The hills never seemed to end so on about our second to last hill, Mr Willows lightened the mood considerably by promising large milkshakes at the end and we were duly treated to delicious, creamy Wimpy milkshakes!

Dinner was steaming pork stir fry accompanied by sweetcorn, rice, vetkoek and for dessert, malva pudding - we got stuck in! Bed time at 8 and we were all looking forward to a wonderful sleep in until 5 tomorrow - wow, this is the best news we've heard all tour! 
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