Monday, 4 April 2016

Stutterheim to Queenstown (+ more pics loaded @ 12:00)

We set off at 2:30am heading for Queenstown, a 110km journey. The morning started off with strong headwinds increasing difficulty for the cyclists. This didn't stop them and they showed true determination and continued on.
It was a very chilly day today, and the girls even had to blow onto their fingers to warm them up. Their jerseys and windbreakers stayed put until well after the sunrise. Savannah got out her trusty princess blanket to keep warm.

We had delicious burgers and juice from our previous hosts for 'lunch' at 9:30am - this boost of protein went down well with the girls.
The road today was full of gradual uphills and strong headwinds at times. This tested the girls but no one complained (even with aching muscles), and they pushed themselves and completed the day.

We arrived in Queenstown at 12:40pm and Mr Willows treated us all to a thick and creamy milkshake from Steers - their smiles broadened with every sip! Milkshakes drunk we headed to Queenstown Girls High School. On arrival the girls relaxed in a hot shower and then slept for the rest of the afternoon.

Dinner was served: rich butternut and tomato soup with cream accompanied buy noodles and health bread. This meal was a definite hit, the bowls scraped clean. Bed time was slightly more flexible as wake up the next morning is only at 3:30am- we could not be happier. 
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