Sunday, 10 April 2016

Swartberg to Underberg

We started off the day at 3:00am, thankfully it was slightly warmer then our previous days. This soon changed as the sun began to rise. The mist was thick and heavy, making the girls damp and cold. 

They kept on cycling and were rewarded with a surprise breakfast by some of the parents. The girls indulged in mouthwatering bacon and egg rolls with steamy hot chocolates with Easter eggs for dessert. This was the best surprise the girls have had... Anything to do with food and, of course, parents. Huge thank yous to the Tullys, Tratchlers , Groenevelds and Gilsons! Although tempted to hop into the parents cars, the girls continued on. 

The supporting team grew as we neared Underberg. The Fordes and Heather Lawson brought us refreshments of chocolate milk and fruit juice. This gave us the final sugar rush we needed to push through. 

The girls grew in excitement as we entered Underberg, being greeted by TWC girls in a car covered with red balloons - this was our escort to the country club. Sarah Forde has made boards with all our names on the welcome us, making us all feel super special. We were greeted by screaming 'fans', balloons, and even had music playing. 

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our incredible driver and DJ, Miss Willows as she had to get back for work on Monday. This wasn't done without a few tears as our team instantly felt empty, missing a crucial member. We couldn't be more grateful to have had her as an awesome team member. Thanks for everything Miss Wiltch, you're the best. We love you! 

The support of this small community made some of the girls emotional as this is confirmation the end is near. We were spoilt by Spar with Chelsea buns and fruit juice. We headed to the Forde's farm we we were hosted for the night. We enjoyed a hot home cooked meal with delicious Camel Peanut Brittle ice cream for dessert - Karoline/Mrs Forde won over everyone of us!

We headed to bed after tea and crunchies, all excited for the day ahead, one peddle closer to home!

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