Saturday, 9 April 2016

"Tina" bridge to Cedarville

Left Alports at 2:50am to drive to the start at "Tina" Bridge. Mr Willows' youngest daughter, Casey, joined the crew for the day which added a new, fresh and energized body to the team. We passed through numerous townships and had excited children waving and cheering us on the way past.

We were greeted by the Karin and John Alport as we entered Matatiele. We had quick refreshments of biltong, Coke and Sprite then were on our way again. Mr and Mrs Alport and Mrs Willows all hopped in the bus to join in on the action. We soon realized that Mr Alport is a mover and a groover, thoroughly enjoying Billy Idol

The girls finished the day at Cedarville doing a total of 82km. We the rushed back to the Alport's home and enjoyed delicious vegetable soup with buttery croutons and think milkshakes from the Milk Depot -  a must have when in Matat! 

We relaxed in front of the fire, sipping hot chocolate and watching tv. The Alports made us feel completely at home. For dinner we had a braai and dessert was Nutella pancakes- the girls couldn't have been happier. 
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