Monday, 11 April 2016

Underberg to Boston

1 more sleep then it's home-time! 

The girls were full of energy being reassured that this morning was our last early morning wake up - 2:30am. Today and tomorrow we have Mr John Alport as our driver and he passed his first day with flying colours! 

We set off covering great distance and the girls are more and more excited with each peddle. This was by far the most up-beat day, everyone was bursting with energy! We had food galore with rolls, chicken, muffins and Chelsea buns, the girls had a feast at every break. Any extra food, leave it to the cyclists. 

Overall, it was a smooth easy day for the girls except for Lundy's Pass. This was the first major hill in a while but this didn't stop the girls. They pushed harder and harder conquering it in no time! Mrs Brodie and Gogo surprised Katie with a visit while going up the hill, pasting a broad smile over Katie's face. 

As soon as we arrived in Boston, Mr Willows brought us all an ice-cold cooldrink which was a lovely refreshment from the heat. 

We packed to bicycles into a garage for the night then headed to the Mackenzie's farm. We relaxed on the deck over looking a magnificent dam and mountains. The girls took a dip but quickly retreated from the cold water to a hot shower. 

We enjoyed a lovely chicken pie for dinner and steaming apple crumble for dessert. Our plates were cleaned! A huge thank you to the Mackenzies for hosting us, it was a real treat! 

Falling asleep didn't happen too easily as we're full of emotions. Excited to see everyone but also reluctant and sad to finish. We've grown bonds with everyone around us and made memories that will never be forgotten. We are definitely going to miss this! 
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